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Feasibility Study

Engineering is the craft extends from the work in the field of large-scale projects and business to work in small individual areas.

Places where they can work in engineering may be the Office of the architecture, or company, or agency communications, or a factory, or it may be a group of investors, and may be certified as a house space-governmental body in Egypt.

Engineering a vital role in the community where the express authority buildings, companies and products on the nature and taste the way engineers and those of the country, sometimes man sees the car before the model is known to know whether the German or Japanese or American, and so on. As well as models of architectural forms vary from one country to another, although most modern skyscrapers were similar, but the ancient Islamic architecture can be distinguished from all Indian Christian from the Greek, and so on ..

The nature of the engineering design affects the environment significantly were factories old graduated waste gases affect the environment and health, but the old refrigerators that were scattered in all the world and used Freon has recently promised harmful to the environment, and also what is happening in the land of climatic changes is in itself the result of Engineering and Engineers ..