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Municipal Projects

مجموعة 37 جسر الخروعية

Art and professionalism and the acquisition of technical, scientific and computational skills and apply them to the design and implementation of plant, machinery and inventions, tools, systems and processes all required to reach a particular goal. In other words, it is the art of theoretical knowledge and experiences of life in our application to improve the things that we use or facilities in which we live. Known to American engineers complex development (Adapted) as “the actual application of scientific principles theory for the design or development of facilities, machinery, tools or manufacturing processes, both the design of each process individually or fully or predict the behavior of these operations under the operating conditions of the process design, all of the performance of the intended target in an economical and safe “. Human practiced engineering engineer called, and those who are authorized to do so may have an official labels sometimes differ between countries, such as: engineer or chief engineer or an expert or engineer designs or site engineer or technician in the Arab countries Engineer. Industry Engineering includes many disciplines and therefore different labels for those people who work in those disciplines and all that varies depending on the area or the desired application.