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pokémon black elite four weakness

insertVideo('8582'); Pokemon Black/White - Battle! N tells you that the final decision will  be made in the Plasma Castle -- and then heads up the set of stairs that smashed through the roof! The Elite Four is a Trainer Class and title given to four trainers that qualify as being the best trainers in their respective regions, with only the Pokémon Champion above their skill level. Be prepared. The Elite 4 Battles: Grimsley, L48 Krookodile  (Ground/Dark-type)     Crunch / Dragon Claw / Earthquake / Foul PlayL48 Liepard        (Dark-type)                  Ariel Ace / Attract / Fake Out / Night SlashL48 Scrafty         (Dark/Fighting-type)   Brick Break / Crunch / Poison Jab / Sand-AttackL50 Bisharp        (Dark/Steel-type)         Ariel Ace / Metal Claw / Night Slash / X-Scissor. The Elite Four Lorelei. Inside is a treasure ball with a Rare Candy you should grab. That way if this goes tits-up you can simply reload to the save and be outside, and no longer committed to the battle. // --> and Let's Go, Eevee!.. The first gym is now run by your best friend from the first games, Cheren. We are making an orderly approach to this, so we will begin with the room to the immediate left and then continue clockwise until we are finished. Eelektross has no weaknesses. So, using a Dark-type Pokemon is your best solution. 1 Lorelei 2 Bruno 3 Agatha 4 Lance 5 Champion Gary 6 Reward Table Use 2 Calm Minds then use Aura Sphere on her Pokemon (If her Dewgong uses Toxic, wait until her Mamoswine to use a Full Restore, as the Dewgong and Walrein will most likely use more Toxic on you). Lorelei is the first of the Elite Four that you must battle. Approach the bloke guarding the entrance -- SAVING the game before you actually talk to him -- then talk to him and enter the arena. Never go in too light -- even if you think it is overkill, if you can afford ten extra Lemonades, BUY THEM! I mean they are not just going to HAND you a Legendary Dragon Pokemon, you have to earn it! N does something funky and magical and a huge castle erupts out of the ground nearby, surrounding the temple-like building you are in. // --> Something like Zoroark at a pretty high level could take them down easily. Once you have stocked up your kit, tweaked your team moves, and attained the base team level that you think will work for you, it is time. However, they ahve had a change in teams and in champion. Jellicent comes next, and the obvious answer to that is a Grass-type, leaving Golurk, which is easy for your Water-type, easy-peasey lemon-squeezy! Unlike prior games you’re free to tackle the Elite Four in any order you so wish. For Elite Four Shauntal and Caitlin, Dark type Pokemon would be the best. How about that, we had him with us the whole time! When you arrive at the top you are faced by six of the seven Sages of Team Plasma -- a battle you are not likely to win! She features prominently in the Pokemon Manga, and like Koga she is a Trainer who was introduced to us in one generation, and then rose to power in another! Dark guy: Fighting. Before getting to the Elite Four, make sure you stock up on the Potions you'll need, … I'm very interested to hear your story! Like before, they can be battled in any order desired. She is responsible for determining how many CP the playershould receive depending on the outcome of the battle. So go to it mates, weaken and capture that bad boy! It goes without saying that once you enter, unless you KNOW that you can beat your way to the other end and victory, you should NOT save the game between battles! Inside you step on the moving walkway and are transported to the top of the platform, where you chat up the Grimster! You never need them so bad as when you need them, that is all we are saying! Learn how to play Battle! About now Cheren shows up -- he too has defeated the League's Elite Four, but clearly the Champion Battle he was expecting -- and you were too -- is not going to happen in the usual way...  Alder needs you to go kick some butt -- so head up the black stairs now. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. The Kanto Elite Four are specialists in the four least common types in the game, and two of them (Agatha with Ghost and Lance with Dragon) use types that have themselves as a weakness. Lorelei's Ice Types will be weak against Electric and/or Grass Types. All other brands, logos, and/or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Elite Four (Pokemon Black/ White) on the piano. If you have something like Archeops, Unfezant, or some other bird Pokemon that would be good. Preparing for this string of battles is more than just leveling up your team -- though that is a major part of the process -- but also being sure that you have the best moves and know how to use them, and that you have provided an adequate stock of kit for use between battles in recovering your team. You will be picked up and carried by ghostly forces up to her platform.She focuses on Ghost-types so having a Dark-type or a Pokémon with Ghost-type moves would be logical. Inside you chat up N and then get one heck of a cuts scene featuring his Dragon -- and just as it looks like things can not get more freaky, your Light Stone goes all poltergeist on you and turns into Reshiram! Marshal is a member of the Elite Four who specializes in Fighting type Pokemon. As Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 are set in a new part of Unova and set two years after the events of Pokémon Black & White, the Elite Four hasn't changed all that much. Marshal - $6960 (Right Path). Jynx is the only Pokemon in Lorelei's roster that isn't affected by Electric or Grass Type moves. This is a change from previous versions, and … In fact she is one of only four Trainers to appear across multiple-generations of the game. Her sartorial choices tend to fall in the typical Japanese Princess Girl style, which though cute on a younger Trainer is starting to look a little weird on her. Puzzle: The first member of the Elite Four you may face if going clockwise is Shauntal. Note: This requires a second DS and copy of Pokemon Black or White. Now, before you leave this room, repair your team. The player first meets him on Route 5, where he is seen with Cheren. Elite Four Overview. I know that you have probably heard this before -- maybe even from me -- but this stage of the games is a difficult one because once you step through that door and it locks behind you, you must battle ALL of the Elite Four and beat them ALL to come out the other side. Now before you do anything else repair your team!