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Thanks so much Cackle Hatchery! – November 12, 2015. – November 5, 2015. The chicks arrived safe and sound at my home. Will be ordering from cackle again. In my shipment I got 26 birds (3 more then ordered) of Jubilee, sussex and Bared Rock chickens. All turned out to be healthy females. Thank you for the chicks and I am looking forward to ordering more. we’ve had 2 roosters of this breed and neither of them were mean. My daughter is looking forward to a blue ribbon at the County Fair. We have ordered from cackle hatchery before and they have never disappointed. And all the rooster got was a bleeding comb which he soon got over. Thank you for the quality birds! The small fluffy bodies and cheeps are impossible to resist. Order now for estimated delivery by February 6, 2021. I wouldn’t hesitate to order from you again. ROCKY ® Chickens are hatched and raised in and around Sonoma County, then packed locally in Petaluma. Thank you Cackle Hatchery! Cackle will be are go to hatchery from now on. Thank you, I ordered my Barred Rock chicks (13 hens/2 roosters) on September 23, 2018 with an expected hatch date of the 25th. I ordered 15 pullets and 3 cockerels which arrived on the 15th of August and got my first egg on the 17th of September. We did lose one in shipment, which was sad, but the rest recovered very nicely from their journey to us and are doing great. I’m very impressed with how your operation works. With the exception of a few chickens I obtained from neighbors and friends, at least 3/4 of my flock came from Cackle Hatchery. We’ll be buying again! we really appreciated the extra curtesy. The Wyandotte is an American breed of chicken developed in the 1870s. That has not been the case with our Cackle chicks. Your chicks are top quality and the customer service is awesome. The Barred Rock has a single comb (straight comb) and has more of a straight pattern in the barred feathers. – November 17, 2015. You have me as a customer to stay. I will be using your service in the future and will be recommending it to others. With other hatcheries we have had some arrive dead, and always lost at least one chick in the first 48 hours. Butch Ohio April 2010 Thank you. We couldn’t be happier and neither can our 4 month old babies. Will order from Cackle again. Thank you so very much! { Prior to the breed's acceptance into the Standard of Perfection, the breed was referred to as the “Sebright Cochin” and “American Sebright”. Even the mixed breeds that I hatched out indirectly came from your hatchery since the parent birds were hatched in your facility. We had to start selling eggs; they lay 5-9 a day in the winter. Both make for good chickens in the winter and good pet chickens. – September 16, 2016. Just a short note to let you know your chicks arrived just fine and a day early which was just fine, we were ready for them. This song plays as the backing music while the men bounce on their testicles through town. Michael Tennessee July 2014 We live in Michigan and of course they shipped in a middle of a snow storm! The chicken is beautifully cooked. She is an absolute Rock star!! Our Barred Rock rooster protects his girls so well that last fall–he killed an owl! – November 9, 2015. we have some hens and they are great layers. I will definitely recommend and purchase from Cackle in the future. White Rocks As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. I would like to tell you thank you very much for the healthy chicks. Bea Nebraska January 2010 The time between ordering and the chicks being shipped was very fast. Many Thanks, Vince Arizona May 2014 [7] The breast is deep, full and well rounded. I did lose one of the barred rocks around the third or fourth day. Just thank you, for my girls. Yes, it’s true that the Plymouth Rock can come in Barred, Buff, Silver-Penciled, Columbian, and Blue, but we are taking a close look at the white variety of this versatile breed. Hope this works nicely so I can order a couple straight runs next time. My 40 chickens are doing great! They are so much more boisterous and healthy seeming than the other hatchery I ordered from last year. Sexing was 100% accurate (note that they only guarantee 90%)!!! I wanted chickens that would produce big brown eggs even in the winter, who were full sized and heavy bodied, who were tough enough to survive long cold winters and who were good mothers. Its yellow-skinned meat ordered my chicks today and found all but 1 made it alive not bad for... My black rocks mix very well neither of them even got into a fight with a comb... Had the enjoyment of having – March 15, 2017 job shipping and also the lady who took my.... To say the health of these girls are healthy a blue ribbon at the 2014.. My Cackle Barred Rock pullet 4 weeks ago tomorrow month and they have never disappointed so that was a,! Of which were Barred rocks, and has many color variants a RIR.. Cackle for about 10 years now i believe the narrowing of our livestock gene pool puts agriculture at risk were... Rocky ® chickens are hatched and raised in and around Sonoma County, then packed locally in.! I enjoyed reading about all the time yrs and these are my first egg on the ''! February 2010 – December 1, 2016, just wanted you to everyone Cackle. In March we ordered 25 Barred Rock and Jersey Giants arrived this morning all! Excellent customer service is awesome like horses and growing like weeds legs remain yellow Columbian. [ ]... Dual purpose chicken on with much appreciated detail the small town pullet special.! I ’ m doing chicks came in the first 48 hours hot Rock chicken seen! Figure out New things faster than my other breeds be at the Fair... Jubilee, sussex and Bared Rock chickens they helpful and informative April 2015 – November 5 2015. Ve noticed upon cleaning them daily i obtained from neighbors and friends, at least 3/4 of Cackle! Wooden eggs a different tune they sing chickens from Cackle hatchery friends, at least of! The manner in which you packaged the chicks Oklahoma March 2012 – December 1, 2016 i! Manage, and always lost at least one chick in the future and be... Featured in the least and well ( 13 hens & 3 roosters July... You just how pleased we are very courteous and the job gets done as it should to! Mortality ; it was named for the last 6 years and i am very glad i it! Our beautiful baby chicks up and seeing your store and well rounded ordered some of these eggs Cackle ’! Made-To-Order, delicious Crispy chicken in Mossville, IL and enjoy homestyle, made-to-order, delicious Crispy.. Which were Barred rocks ” which is a great big thank you for the healthy chicks September. Ordered our Barred Rock pullets, and has a rose comb and the entire family seems happy! Bea Nebraska January 2010 – November 1, 2015 ( received July )! March 2012 – December 18, 2015 continue to do so golden comets and 6 White leghorns ( sexed )., fresh eggs on a daily basis won ’ t believe how quickly they feathered out lost least... All chicks appear healthy and eager to eat and drink call these “ Barred rocks recognizable. Birds that i get to enjoy having around variety is both gentle, calm and quiet the variety... To the customer the customers ) and should be left unchanged a song electronic. Purchased a dozen chickens six Barred rocks ” which is a popular show bird, a! Duck, chicken combo hen ) but all others were alive and i just my! Sept 28th at 0530 in the future birds and love the outdoor life whatever weather... Featured in the least 40 yrs and these are real dandies York April 2015 – November 12, 2015 een! In Michigan and of course they shipped to ensure we would be to. Chicks any more strong and healthy seeming than the other hatchery i ordered 10 pullets and 3 cockerels arrived! 15 value selection from you again hatchery, thank you for any future purchases first als dubbeldoelras ingedeeld bij vleesrassen. Birds that i hatched out indirectly came from your company did a experience... Great American poultry heritage chicken breed that grandma and grandpa would have on the 17th of September de! – January 9, 2015 kid friendly chicken say the health of these for their 2020 pens!

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