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insurance agent misconduct

For starters, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada says BMO had to pay a $500,000 misconduct fine when it came to the sale of credit card insurance, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. FSRA published a summary of the results in a report on Friday. Sales agents may be compensated based on a consumer’s enrollment in a health plan. With most of the media busy ignoring Hunter Biden, you might have missed another bombshell. Some examples of insurance company wrongdoing include: Misrepresentations related to the sale of insurance policies; Mishandling of premium payments; Fraudulent, deceptive, or coercive sales tactics; Unlicensed persons selling insurance policies; The above list is not exhaustive. A Case of Insurance Company Misconduct Shows the Importance of Bad Faith Law Posted November 9, 2017 - phillipgilbertlaw.com By Theodore C. Levy (The National Trial Lawyers) The rights of every American citizen depend on the regulation of the conduct of insurance companies. It was a case in the Fresno/Madera area involving a husband and wife. Website Directions Services More Info (253) 537-1444. Most of the 52 forms included multiple types of misconduct, with 96 types reported overall. General liability insurance, for instance, protects you … Thanks to Judge Emmet Sullivan refusing the DOJ’s request to drop the Michael Flynn case, a cache of explosive documents has now been released to the public revealing that at least one FBI agent on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team thought the case was a politically motivated “dead end,” and others bought professional liability insurance as their bosses were continuing the investigation based … They knew what the FBI was doing was so bad, they bought insurance as a way to protect themselves. Sexual misconduct and molestation liability insurance is a specialty form of coverage. Last Updated 5/14/2019. Every day, get the financial news that matters in your inbox. “Many insurance agents focus on the property limits and general liability limits, when the #1 reason churches end up in litigation is Sexual Misconduct with a minor, and agents provide less or no coverage limits for Sexual Misconduct. Where an agent or broker who tends toward professional misconduct is not checked at an early stage, loss or damage to clients or others may ensue. Medicare.gov also has some good tips to remember when buying a Medigap plan. //-->

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